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Shopping Notes

(1) This website provides 24-hour non-snoring and loving shopping services to meet your unlimited shopping experience. Order processing will be processed immediately for you on working days.
(2) The enterprise purchases a large number of customized products, please contact customer service staff first, we will have someone to serve you.
(3) For related preferential activities, please refer to the description of each activity.
(4) If due to the above product transaction characteristics, if the product is out of stock or out of stock, or the manufacturer is unable to successfully supply the product and the order cannot be established, the customer service staff will use the best method (mainly email, supplemented by telephone notification) ) Contact you and assist you in processing this order.
(5) When cancelling an order, please call (02) 2362-1618 during working hours to notify the cancellation of the order.
(6) If you use the cash on delivery method and fail to pay for the goods in accordance with the normal procedures, and the product is returned, the order will be deemed to be cancelled. Your user account will be suspended for one week if the first order is not picked up; the user account will be permanently banned if the second order is not picked up.
(7) We will not call you during non-operating hours, or have not signed an installment treaty with any bank or institution, or need to re-remit money to ATM or make a card error, please take precautions. Condition please contact us!
(8) If you are under 20 years of age, you should use or continue to use the "Taiwan Public Welfare Market" after your parent (or guardian) reads, understands and agrees to all the contents of this ordering notice and subsequent amendments and changes. ". When you use or continue to use the Taiwan Public Welfare Market, it is presumed that your parents (or guardians) have read, understood, and agreed to accept all the contents of this ordering notice and the subsequent changes.