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Return and Exchange Instructions

˙After receiving the product, please check whether the product is correct and meets your expectations and standards before using, washing or removing the tag.
˙If you have any doubts about the product, please contact us at “” and please describe your problem in detail. We will serve you as soon as possible.

[Notice of returning goods]
˙In order to protect consumers' rights and interests, all goods in the Taiwan Public Welfare Market enjoy a 7-day appreciation period.

˙The 7-day appreciation period is a "hesitation period" instead of a "trial period". The return must be in a new state and complete packaging (including: inner and outer packaging, documents, gifts, etc.). If the product is unpacked and used, please forgive us For your return service.

˙ During the 7-day appreciation period, consumers have the right to cancel the return at any time, and they do not need to bear extra return shipping costs.

˙If you want to apply for return or exchange, please contact customer service staff in advance. We will assist you with related matters. If you do not contact the customer service staff in advance, the product will be returned. We cannot assist you in returning or replacing You will be responsible for the cost of shipping and returning the goods.

˙Remind you that once the food products are unpacked, they cannot be returned to their original condition. Please check whether the purchased products are correct and meet your expectations and standards.

[Refund method]
˙The refund fee is calculated by subtracting the actual consumption amount from your payment amount.

˙If your designated refund account is not the first bank, you will need to deduct an extra bank transfer fee of $ 30, please forgive me.

˙If you do not meet the official website discount standards (free shipping, full redemption, etc.) due to personal factors, we will deduct these fees when refunding.

For example: if the original order is free shipping over $ 888, but the actual consumption amount of the order does not reach the free shipping threshold of $ 888 due to a refund, you need to pay $ 150 shipping (based on the original order delivery method).

˙After receiving and confirming that the returned goods are correct, we will remit the money to your designated account within two weeks.